A genius once said, "Music is a magic that refreshes the human soul and soothes sadness." So musicians are the magicians who work such miracles. It has been half a century since the establishment of the Central Organization for Musical Arts, which became an integrated meeting place for these magicians. It has developed into the largest organization with three classical orchestras, including the melodious "Symphony Orchestra", which laid the foundation and was led by our seniors, state prize winner and folk actor Ts. Namsraijav and the state honored composer G. Birvaa, the famous big band "Bayan Mongol /Wellbeing Mongolia/" and the worldwide registered "Morin Khuur /Horse Head Fiddle/" ensemble.

In this way, Mongolian Philharmony is a triple combination of world classical music, Mongolian national classical music and modern classical music. And we should not forget great endeavors and proud histories of our talented conductors, composers, famous singers, employees and other all staffs from the generations.

Just as the human considers three stages of time, the Mongolian Philharmony is essentially connected with the stages of the amazing years of our past generation, the endless efforts of our current generation and the bright dreams of our future generations.

Together, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to our dear audience, business partners, governmental and non-governmental organizations and individuals who have always stood by us, understand and love music and support our artists, and we wish you all success in your work and life on behalf of all our communities.

The Mongolian Philharmony is always open to all who want to join together under the motto of "Music for Everyone" and create development together.

It shifts from the "I" to the "We," globally.

"If you want to go fast, go alone

If you want to go far, go together

We craft the finest music.

Let us set a good example of development and perform our magic together.

Director of the Mongolian philharmonic
Battulga Sukhbat