Our Vision

To become a premier music organisation enriching audiences globally with modern Mongolian music and be the pride of the Mongolian nation

Our Mission

Implement Mongolian cultural policy and serve music art for public.


Music for everyone


Tradition and reform, Loyal audience, Creative and skilled employee, Consciousness and ethics


The symphony orchestra established on June 5th, 1957 under Mongolian National Radio Station by resolution #118 of Ministry of culture marked the birth of State Philharmonic. Furthermore, by the resolution #283 of Ministerial Council of the People’s Republiv of Mongolia on July 20th, 1972, the State Philharmonic initiated by Namsraijav.Ts, unifying Bayan Mongol Variety Group of Mongolian state-run Radio and Television committee and Soyol Erdene band of National Song and Dance Ensemble was officially established. The debut concert was held at the State Academic Drama Theatre on October 25th, the same year. The State Philharmonic is now home to the finest orchestras in Mongolia: the Symphony Orchestra, Bayanmongol big band and Morin khuur ensemble as well as over 170 musicians, singers and office staffs devoting themselves to cultivate and promote outstanding music compositions both nationally and internationally. We have been organizing and performing over 100 events and concerts annually, delighting both audiences and music critics from all over the world.