Initiated by People’s artist of Mongolia Ts.Batchuluun, Morin Khuur Ensemble was established in 1992 to develop Morin khuur, a musical representation of Mongolians’ history, heritage and culture. Morin khuur Ensemble is a unique orchestra that has been representing and promoting the national art both domestically and internationally. Since the 98th order by Mongolian government on May 25, 1994, it has been working as a unit of the state philharmonic.

Structure and works by Morin khuur ensemble

Leading artist of Mongolia D.Tuvshinsaikhan works as a conductor of Morin Khuur ensemble and it employs traditional musical instruments such as morin khuur, yochin, yatga, grand khuur and classical western instruments e.g piano, flute, percussions etc.

The Ensemble also includes the following bands: ‘Cholugen’ a Morin khuur quartet, ‘Khulan’, Yatga quartet, ‘Yin and Yang’ ethnic jazz band. Morin khuur ensemble consists of over 30 artists, all of whom have professional qualifications (bachelor and masters) and also most of them have won awards from both domestic and international festivals for professional musicians.

Awards, concert tours and albums of Morin khuur ensemble

The awards won by Morin khuur ensemble include the followings:

  • President’s award in 2005

  • ‘Goo Maral’ award for music for ‘Carmen’ by G.Bizet-R.Shedrin-N.Jantsannorov

  • ‘Goo Maral’ award in 2010 for bringing the Mongolian art to the world stage

  • First place from the National competition organized among Yatga quartets in 2004

  • ‘Proud of Mongolia’ award from Zuunii medee newspaper in 2004 (which was awarded based on the public poll)

  • ‘Mongolia on the stage of the World’ award from Daily mail newspaper in 2012 (which was also awarded based on the poll by the newspaper)

  • Grand prize from ‘WCO global festival’ in Korea in 2004

  • Ritmi Danze Dal Mondo award by Khulan band in 2009

  • Honored as The cultural invoy of Mongolia in 2022

Morin khuur Ensemble have performed in their 650 concerts in 250 cities of over 20 countries almost 84 times. These include ‘Carnegie hall’ in New York, America, UNESCO hall in France, the Philharmonic in Vienna, Austria, ‘Musicverien’ in Russia, the UN hall in Switzerland, Berlin philharmonic in Germany, ‘Grand theatre’ in Moscow, Russia, National theatre of Beijing, China, Suntory hall, Across Orchard hall and Osaka Symphony hall, Sapporro Symphony hall, Yokohama cultural center in Japan, National theatre of Korea, Chin ka Shi memorial hall in Taivan, Hong kong city hall, Sha tin town city hall and other countries such as Italy, Canada, Turkey and DPRK.

There are almost 30 albums by Morin khuur ensemble, some of which include ‘Best-1.2’, ‘Playing love-1,2’, ‘Silk pattern’ folk song album, ‘Everlasting melody’ by the state philharmonic etc.

Tuvshinsaikhan Delgersaikhan /conductor/

Jigjiddorj Nanzaddorj /conductor/