Bayanmongol big band was founded in 1967. Since it had their first concert conducted by composer T.Chimeddorj on July 10, 1969, it laid the foundation of the development of variety and jazz music. It was from Bayanmongol big band that the famous variety singers, musicians and composers began their career and rose to fame.

Bayanmongol big band has been working hard with the purpose of raising the popularity of professional jazz music in the country and promoting Mongolian jazz art in the world.

Structure of Bayanmongol big band and its collections of works

S.Saruul-Od is working as the conductor, Bayanmongol big band consists of 20 people divided into Saxophone section, Trombone section, Trumpet section and Rhythm section, according to the orchestra standard.

Music they have been performing range from Mongolian folk songs, music, composers’ songs, compositions, soundtracks for various documentaries, movies, tv and radio programs, plays, musicals, children’s songs to compositions from classical jazz period and modern jazz music.

Awards, tour concerts and albums of Bayanmongol big band

They have won a lot of awards including the second place from International jazz music festival held in Russia in 2000, Conductor’s golden trophy and Solo music’s Golden trophy from Korean (DPRK) international festival ‘Spring festival’ in 2005 and have won ‘Golden autumn’ three times. Also, conductors from other countries were invited to work such as Russian jazz music composer, conductor V.Smagin, Cuban conductor Eddie Haitan, Raimondo Calisdo, Rey Montesinos, Rembers and Bulgarian conductor Krill Ekinomov etc. During the time they were working, the jazz orchestra held their concerts in Cuba, Russia, China, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Czech, Poland, Uzbekistan and North Korea.

Bayanmongol big band have released numerous albums such as ‘Bayanmongol & Soyol-Erdene’ vinyl, ‘Bayanmongol’ vinyl, ‘Bayanmongol-40’ double album, ‘Everlasting Melody’, “Bayanmongol – 50” double album, vinyl Saruul-Od Sugar /conductor/